Welcome to the City of Memphis Office Emergency Management Web Portal System.

This site is dedicated to providing news and information to the public on various subjects such as, what you should have in a disaster kit, how to shelter in place, locations of the outdoor warning sirens (tornado sirens), pictures of recent emergency/disaster responses, recent/upcoming events, and other helpful information. In the event of a disaster within the city, the Director may activate the Disaster Command Center (DCC).

During an activation, emergency managers and department heads along with city leaders are called in to the large conference room called the "War Room." Sixteen "Emergency Support Function" representatives that include Public Works, Law Enforcement, Information, Fire Fighting, Mass Care, Animals come together to share information and make decisions about the disaster. Fielding thousands of phone calls annually, the OEM Dispatch area is the communications hub of the agency.

A staff highly-trained Operations Officers man two state-of-the-art communications consoles. They conduct daily communications with the public answering question about local emergencies, inclement weather, traffic signals and animal control issues. The dispatchers communicate with multiple agencies at the local, state, and federal level including the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). The EOC also provides an Amateur Radio station that includes HF, VHF, UHF, and packet radios manned by FCC licensed OEM Reserves as needed during times of disaster.

The OEM activates the outdoor warning siren system for the City of Memphis on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. for testing and activates the sirens when there is a tornado warning issued for Shelby County by the National Weather Service.