Disaster Coordination Center

The Disaster Coordination Center, commonly called the DCC or War Room, is the city's central coordinating, monitoring, notification and warning point for major emergencies and disasters. It is the primary multi agency coordination center during a major incident in which the City of Memphis Office of Emergency Management is responsible for. The DCC coordinates with the Incident Command out in the field and other outside sources and resources.

During major emergencies, representatives from various departments and other community organizations are assigned to the DCC. They work as emergency service coordinators (ESC) and/or responders who provide immediate support for damage assessment, resource management and other response and recovery coordination efforts at the local, state and federal levels. Staffing levels at the DCC are based on the threat and response level of an event. If the response is 4 or 5, selected emergency service coordinators may be called upon to respond to the EOC or to the scene of an incident where they would work from a mobile EOC. A threat and response level of 5 or higher, may require emergency service coordinators to report directly to the DCC.

Public Information is also coordinated out of the DCC during initial activations, but upon the incident progressing, the public information officers may move to an off site central Joint Information Center (JIC) where coordination with the media would primarily take place.